We are parents due around August of 2010. If you are due in July 2010, August 2010, or September 2010, feel free to join us.

1. Introduce yourself when you join.
2. Put all images behind a cut.
3. What is posted stays in the community unless with permission from the original poster.
4. Be nice!

1. What's your name or nickname?
2. Partner's name?
3. Location?
4. Age?
5. When did you find out you were pregnant?
6. What was your reaction?
7. What was the first sign you were pregnant?
8. What is your EDD?
9. Is this your first baby?
10. Are you going to find out the sex?
11. Any name ideas?
12. What are you most excited about?
13. Least excited about?
14. Do have any specific expectations/concerns/worries?
15. Anything else you'd like to share?